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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Why iphone 5 apps updated so late?

Slow iPhone 5 app updates

There has been some talk on the world wide gossip web lately that the iPad mini is the beginning of the demise of Apple... obviously there was a band of Apple lovers who took grave offence and blocked sites for saying so on their iRouter, and the other band of iHaters relished the idea...

iPhone 5 beginning of Decline of Apple?

I personally sit in the middle and think it would be a great shame if it were the beginning of the decline, however it did get me thinking more about a casual observation that I have been capturing in screenshots on my iPhone 5 post release; I have noticed that that is the lag in the updates from the major app vendors, longer than iPad 3 (or new iPad) which does make me think Apple is either relaxing or loosing its grip (depending on how most people seem to be able to only look at these Apple issues) or; if we are lucky - that the app environment is finally maturing!
Major apps like Spotify are only just adding iPhone 5 support to their apps

iPhone5 developer roadmap maturity?

So why can this be? Well let's explore the "is it maturing" side first: proper development has a roadmap and cycles, that is; you have a roadmap of what you want to do over the next 6 - 18 months depending on many factors such as size of company, and then monthly or quarterly cycles when these features are added in priority. Unfortunately in app world this has not happened, and to be honest, UE has been impacted as a result. I only have to look as late as the beginning of this year at my Mobile Monday London event digest to see that developers in app world are still running round prioritising customer feedback features over launching new platforms, and adding them in what seems like an ad-hoc manner. Therefore, possibly, hopefully, this is a a sign that the market is maturing and the iPhone 5 new screen size is being put into the next available cycle on the roadmap rather than developers running round like headless chickens for the new ifeature as soon as they can?
4 to 5 days post iPhone 5, a major app release update does not include iPhone 5 support
Further evidence of this maturity could be seen in the shape of the native Google app for iPhone5 taking longer than anybody would have expected to go into the app store after the launch of the iphone 5 and iOS 6 with the dreadful downgrade to maps widely reported would have led to the app being in the store "yesterday" in previous times. So let's move on to:

iPhone Android app roadmap maturity is here!

The other way to look at this is that its the beginning of the decline of Apple and Steve Jobs would have not let this happen! I hope it is not, for many reasons, as Apple has pushed apps, app stores, UE and devices in the last few years further than the entire mobile industry managed beforehand (am not counting Siri in this equation)... However the fact still remains that key apps ar taking time to adapt and some could argue its sloppy management of app stores. It should also be noted people have recently moved jobs in Apple post the iPhone 5 launch: when launching a new device with a major change such as screen size and performance improvement; you do need to look at your ecosystem and identify the apps and app developers that you need to take aside and say in confidence: can I have your apps ready for the launch of my new, and let's add in here, well overdue... iPhone 5. As a user I was left seeing my bigger screen going to waste with apps I would expect to be up the in the wish list. I will also hasten to add, that this has not been during a period of low activity; I have been installing app updates almost daily since the iPhone 5 since release.

For now, I am taking thee high road and seeing it as emerging maturity in app land!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Best iPhone 5 and iOS 6 app

Best iPhone 5 app

So you have unboxed your iPhone 5, nice, or seized the opportunity to install iOS 6 finally and pretend you don't care; (yes, we see through that) and like the new integration of photos with other apps and other general improvements, or as Apple are probably calling it "a revolution all over again" of similar.

iPhone 5 map App flap

While we did not see the above headline in a tabloid newspaper or sensationalist blog (sorry, could not resist) witty exposes like these could not escape you; like this one so wittily pointed out in a London underground station recently - that you may want to pick up a paper map instead.
For some not as amusing as others - but Google maps are still to hand!

iPhone 5 & iOS6 map app alternatives

So what to do? Well, while looking (again) for a decent Google chat / google apps app I came across a golden oldie - google maps, for iPhone. I used to download this from when testing feature phones around 2005+ however never thought I would need to use it on my high end smart phone...

Ahem... enter the next revolution that changes everything again... only this time a universal view of not for the better... of is it??? I also remembered that I used to download Google maps on my Nokia N95 for long rides in the middle of nowhere as well, as I could be more sure of it caching the images I wanted along the route, without having to download the whole of the south of England and Wales...
HTML5 vs Native rages on - is google maps web app better than iOS 6 mapping?

Update: Google Maps App for iPhone available

Google took a while (or approval was slow...) or app developers more mature with roadmap but the release of the native map took its time... while its much, much better than its woeful embeded equivalent (lost me the only twice I tried to use directions) it is not exactly the most intuitive of apps when it comes to directions:
Toggling between map and directions needs refining
And then there is the directions themselves... in short, the original embed app was way slicker... and in fact I sometimes go back to the web app instead (quicker when network weak!)...

Mobile Maps Apps enter the HTML5 vs. Native fray

What this does do is it opens up the whole HTML5 vs. Native debate again, which I have heard / spotted increasingly more over the last year and with wider audiences, both in person and on social networks: with train times on android being quicker from national rail than via the already open and prompted app, and not to mention facebook and other high demand sites often coping better via html than via apps.

Take up the map app challenge and see which one is quicker to the draw (pun fully intended, and even phase constructed just to do this pun, sorry). But it does not stop there:
HTML5 web apps are not only often quicker to the draw, but they are also often quicker to add layers as well
Not only are these apps quicker to pinpoint you and draw the map around you, but they can also be quicker at adding detail, like satellite, which maybe cached differently, and even details that you may not get on other apps... like cycling routes!

And for thee record, the only way I can use aliases properly and sometimes find old emails is by signing into google apps on the mobile web as well... any others I have missed? Any more newcomers with iPhone5?

I love it when a moment of "hang on, I have not done this since 2005" turns into "hang on, this is actually better than 2012"... in many things in life, taking a step back can help you see the way forward - just not if it happens too often!

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