Wednesday, 11 February 2015

iPhone Killer apps - Silent Island relaxation

Silent Island Relaxation (and others)
"Hello.. My name is Christian and I am an insomniac", sometimes its awful, before going to sleep, a couple of hours before your alarm or just the middle of the night... triathlon training helps (exhaustion!), and a good meal (and drink) can randomly help but every so often, just plug this in and chill out... it works, even if you do end up with ear ache from the headphones... It also works with little things, though your mileage may vary there...the graphics and UE are, well they are what they are... its more function than form.

originally posted by Christian Borrman 22:19pm 20/12/08, updated 22:37pm 18/11/10

Its quite interesting that two things ocurr when you move a bog over and revisit old content, you notice

  1. that something that was a hit in 2008 on iPhone, is still relevant on other platforms and other audiences on iPhone, I still see the social network comments coming through for doodlejump. Even where doodlejump may be old news, there is a new casual game in its place, called angry birds, cut the rope, insert new one here... As I commented here, once a hit, always a hit
  2. by keeping these categories fresh, you can have a solid app store strategy

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